Welcome to Walk to Run

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Welcome to our Walk to Run community.

A place for those who wish to discover the way to make the most out of their exercise.

Helping those who want to unlock their potential. Creating a positive mind set by opening up new avenues using the latest ideologies and training methods to support you in achieving your goals.

Whether you love to walk and run, or just simply enjoy the outdoors check out the website to see the variety of services we have to offer.

The concept works for the individual.

The more they put in, the more they get out. Covering all aspects of lifestyle, health and fitness as well as performance enhancement those who follow the system will see improvements which will also aim to educate them to ensure continued success.

Whether you wish to learn in small doses through attending groups or whether you want to fully immerse yourself and take advantage of lifestyle consultancy, you are sure to be exposed to others who will be on their own positive journeys.

The service and community are personalised to your requirements.

From young adult to old it’s about you and our aim is to help you.

We have helped heart attack patients run elite marathon times, improved the fitness of aneurysm patients to walk up Ben Nevis and walk four marathons in four days.

For those who want to find an improved performance look no further. The service is also suited to you. An understanding of working with medical patients as well as top sports people have revealed some interesting cross overs which we have developed into a unique way of pushing new boundaries.


Catering to all standards of fitness and goals.

Covering all aspects of lifestyle, health and fitness as well as performance enhancement. Leading to a good health and a great life.


Join the Walk to Run community

Work in a group but still feel that personalised service. Classes cover all aspects of fitness and well-being in a fun and innovative way.