Sports Therapy and Massage

Sports Massage

Unfortunately even the best lifestyle and training plans cannot guarantee injury free progression. If you are feeling pain, soreness or even just fatigue a sports massage can often relieve the symptoms and aid rehabilitation.   Walk to Run will also offer strength and conditioning exercises suitable to assist with the treatments you are given enabling you to return to fitness and avoid future issues.

Why not take time to browse through the sessions we have to offer and then access our online bookings page for Taverham Sportlink to book a slot.

Performance Therapy

Event or training injury massage and support. Pre event massage, race day preparations, tapping and strapping solutions. Post event massage and recovery treatments.

Maintenance Therapy

Regular sports therapy is considered to assist with lowering the chance of injury, enabling performance during training and to aid in relaxing both the mind and body. We offer single appointments but recommend considering purchasing a course of treatments.  This will help us to reduce the potential of reoccurrence and enable more intensive training spells to be developed offering you an extra competitive edge or simply a piece of mind.

Recovery Therapy

If you want to be able to train harder more often, recover quicker than those around you or simply be able to get through your tiring daily routine then we can help. These lighter sport therapy sessions are more attractive for those who don’t really like the intensive releases used in some sports massages are are particularly good for those with no real issues but want to regain the spring in their step.

Relaxation Therapy

Work stress, headaches, back ache, insomnia are all conditions which cause tension throughout the body effecting the muscles and joints. Massage and relaxation therapies can really help you feel relief from these types of modern life woes.

We are qualified by ITEC

ITEC stands for the International Therapy Examination Council, who have been in existence since 1947. ITEC is an English-based therapy examination body, registered with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), and their qualifications are recognised internationally.

Member of the STA

Sports Therapy Association (STA) is setting a new gold standard in professional representation for sports therapists, sports injury therapists and soft tissue therapists across the United Kingdom.

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