Who does it appeal to?

  • For those who feel bloated and uncomfortable and believe this to be from their diet
  • Those wishing to build a positive relationship with food
  • For those wishing to lose weight
  • For those aiming to have the ability to regulate diet in line with their training
  • For those who wish to be shown how to plan their diet around their lifestyle


The word diet is believed to be Middle English: from Old French diete (noun), dieter (verb), via Latin from Greek diaita ‘a way of life’. Often as with most things modern interpretations it has been slightly distorted and now often associated with reduction in calorific intake.
Walk to Run aims to help individuals build a positive relationship with food allowing clients to enjoy their lives and feel a sense of self awareness in their environment. It is designed to educate the client allowing them to make informed choices.
Looking at your lifestyle and eating habits many things can be determined allowing for further support to be personalised to meet the realistic stepping stones to find the balance for you that works.

There are so many ways to approach diet. It is Walk to Run Ltd intention to analyse your relationship with food and your habits determining the following:


Your body’s shape and weight will be regularly assessed on an agreed basis. Other Walk to Run Ltd testing and training options can accompany these packages but will be separately charged accordingly however discounts are available.

Nutritional Options and Packages Breakdown

Option 1 – Weight Management Consultation £60

• A nutritional consultation with Charles Allen.

• This session last at least 60 minutes.

• Topics will be prearranged after initial discussion prior to event.

• A strategy for 28 days will be planned.

• Clients are asked to use 28 day email and social media support to help them implement plan and give feedback.

• If required further meetings may be arranged in this period to ensure success. These will not be charged as decided at the discretion of Walk to Run Ltd.

Option 2 – Food Intolerance Test and Support Package

• Clients are asked to take one of the Lorisian 75  Intolerance Tests.

• Then client meets for nutritional consultation and blood test with Charles Allen or Amanda Warring.

• The test takes 15 minutes and any other issues can be discussed..

• Results will be thoroughly explained and an agreed strategy will be devised.

• Clients are asked to use 12 week email and social media support to help implement plan and give feedback.

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